Protected Food Name Status

The Vale of Evesham delicacy has received a supreme culinary status putting it into an elite group of foods and drinks which include Champagne, Cognac, Roquefort, Parmesan and Jersey Royal Potatoes.

Asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham has been awarded European (EU) protected food name status which specifically links it to a particular geographical area and indicates a certain level of quality.



The Specification

The flavour and texture of asparagus is primarily driven by the growing conditions and soil environment of the Vale of Evesham, as well as knowledge and experience of how best to grow the product.

The Vale of Evesham has a long history of asparagus growing, with much tradition surrounding the product and enjoys a reputation for producing asparagus of the highest quality.

The Link

The sandy soils of the Vale of Evesham asparagus fields provide ample depth of soil for crowns to establish deep root systems with which to store the sugars produced during summer. This promotes the health of the crown and gives an additional sweetness to the crop.

The unique combination of soil and microclimate produce the fast growing spears that are characteristic of the flavour and texture produced in the region. It is this combination of soil and climate that produces the high quality asparagus production that the region is known for.

Trading standards

All products using the name “Vale of Evesham Asparagus” and using the PGI logo will have to conform with the specification.

The geographical production area must be observed and the quality must represent the status as written in the specification.

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