Asparagus Festival CIC

The Asparagus Festival CIC is a community interest company formed for the benefit of its members and the local community. It was made up to plan and hold a series of events each year in and around the Vale of Evesham as part of the British Asparagus Festival.

The Asparagus Festival CIC has five main objectives:

  • To organise generally but not exclusively an annual asparagus festival with asparagus related events, activities and products over the growing season in the Vale of Evesham and local area (local meaning within 50 miles )
  • To promote local asparagus production and marketing inc. local and traditional varieties and methods
  • To further tourism in the local area thereby enhancing the local economy and local distinctiveness
  • To promote education, awareness and healthy eating for local people (particularly children)
  • Establish relevant links nationally and internationally to enhance the festival and its objectives.



Becoming a member is a simple process, all you need to do is pay an annual membership fee and then you can enjoy all the benefits of membership in that calendar (January 1st to December 31st) year.


Benefits of the Membership

  • 2 annual meetings of training and networking
  • Training event
  • Right to use The British Asparagus Festival logos and signs
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • Access to any grants applied for on behalf of members
  • Web-site links and traffic
  • PR opportunities


Please call 01386 565373 for further information.

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