Asparamancer’s Tasty Tips – predictions for 2014

Asparagus TipsJemima Packington,  the world famous Asparamancer has once again made her predictions for 2014 with the help of Worcestershire asparagus.

“Sometimes what comes to you can seem incredibly off the wall,” said Miss Packington. “Yet sometimes you are certain.”

This year’s predictions are:

1. Loss of a senior member of the royal family will give rise to great sadness and the end of an era.

2. But additions to the family will compensate with more Royal pregnancies on the horizon.

3. Royal engagements/ weddings will lift the spirits.

4. The weather situation in the Far East will get much worse as the year progresses.

5. Middle Eastern politics will give rise to yet more international concern and a worldwide situation will occur but disaster will be narrowly avoided.

6. 2014 will become the year of the divorce with an incredible number of separations and divorces especially among highprofile couples who are seemingly happy together.

7. Political turmoil will dog one party leader and there will be no escape from the consequences.

8. Sport and sportsmen in the UK will have a miserable time. There will be incredible struggle to capitalise on previous successes, but to no avail.

9. Worldwide, businesses large and small will finally realise that an holistic approach to employment of their workforce is imperative for healthy growth.

10. A major mogul in the entertainment industry will announce his retirement.

11. A supergroup will announce they are splitting up.

12. A major winter storm in January will bring more chaos and misery to the UK.